10-15 Minute Guided Meditations

10-15 Minute Guided Meditations

10-15 Minute Guided Meditations
  • Meditation for Peace during COVID-19.

    This virus is scary and deserves our attention- but stress, worry, anger, and fear can often get the best of us and cause out thoughts and actions cause us to spin. Practice with us and allow your breath to root you in peace and love.
    May you be happy.
    May you be healthy.
    May you be restored. ...

  • Breathing in and sending goodness out into the world!

    Our latest video to help manage stress during the coronavirus crisis.
    Breathing in and sending goodness out into the world.

  • Poses and Postures to Find Calm

    Enjoy this short guided yoga practice with Nicolette.
    Use these yoga poses and postures anytime you feel overwhelmed to quickly guide to back to calm