20-30 Minute Guided Meditations

20-30 Minute Guided Meditations

20-30 Minute Guided Meditations
  • Guided Sound Healing Meditation | Forest Journey

    Live class filmed at Restore Meditation on 19Sept2019

  • Waterfall Pain Relief

  • Lake Meditation

    This guided meditation is done in a lying or reclining position. Imagine a late summer day at a beautiful mountain lake. There are no people around.. You have nothing to do, you have no place to go. You are perfectly well and complete to rest her for 20 minutes near the shore of this deep, cle...

  • Serendipity Meditation: Trusting Your Path

    Clear your agenda, place all worries aside and restore with this relaxing meditation.
    This meditation is on Serendipity, the effect by which one accidentally stumbles upon something truly wonderful. Especially when looking for something entirely unrelated.
    May you be Happy.
    May you be Heal...

  • BreathWork (Pranyama) Suspended Exhale

    Most people use only a fraction of their lung capacity. Our breaths are often shallow and quick, causing us to suffer from a lack of oxygen and this perpetuates worry and anxiety. Through BreathWork (pranayama), we can relax, renew and restore!

    May you be Happy.
    May you be Healthy,
    May you b...

  • Virtual Sound Restore with Janet Williams 21April20

    Janet Williams leads you on a journey for inner peace. Live-streamed on 21April20.