5-10 Minute Guided Meditations

5-10 Minute Guided Meditations

The perfect dose of zen when you need to relax, reset, and restore

5-10 Minute Guided Meditations
  • Quiet Your Pain with Mindfulness

    Pain takes us away from so much- time with our loved ones and from the activities that we enjoy.
    Meditation is a healthy alternative to medication in dealing with pain- both acute and chronic.
    Learn how to use your breath to help ease pain to find a measure of relief.
    May you be Happy,

  • Self Love & Acceptance

  • Restore Express

    Find stillness in the midst of a busy and stressful day with this 5 -minute seated guided mindfulness meditation.

  • Relax, Find Peace, & Restore

    This quick 5-minute meditation is the perfect way to Relax, Find Peace and Restore in the midst of a busy day.
    May you be Happy.
    May you be Healthy.
    May you be Restored.

  • Releasing Negative Thoughts

    Acknowledge all of the running around and worry associated with your day. Release those negative thoughts and restore with us during this quick guided meditation.
    May you be Happy.
    May you be Healthy,
    May you be Restored.

  • Meditation for Peace and Tranquility

    Meditation for peace and tranquility with Restore Meditation Owner/Founder Eleana Conway.

  • Meditation for Peace and Tranquility Live Steamed 19Apr20

    Class live steamed 19apr20 during the COVID-19 crisis. A guided meditation for peace and tranquility. For finding and holding space for stillness